I can’t believe how quick time is flying, was time slowed down by living the pandemic lifestyle?! I don’t know, but time seems to be going by so fast now things are slowly returning to “normal”. I’ve been out for dinner in an actual restaurant and had an evening out with my girlfriends. It was so nice to be able to socialise over food again!

Hector is enjoying the spring grass (a little too much!) and I’ve recently bought him a muzzle so I can keep on top of his sugary grass intake the best I can! The Honeychop Lite & Healthy is fantastic for feeding alongside his balancer and supplements as I know I don’t need to worry about any additional calories with it’s typical sugar content of 3%, which is made up of all natural sugars, I know I am limiting the sugar intake in his diet. If you are worried about your horse and the spring grass, remember to check out Honeychop’s laminitis fact sheet here : https://www.honeychop.com/product/honeychop-lite-healthy/#

We’ve had another few lessons and trips out to play on local cross country courses. Hector has been coming on really well with his jumping and his confidence has really grown. We had entered a local hunter pace but sadly it got postponed due to the rain, it turned out on the day it was lovely and sunny so I got booked in for a last minute jumping lesson at my instructors yard. It was a great spur of the moment idea as Hector was fantastic and we had such a great lesson. We jumped our very first filler and did an 80cm spread! Of course its not about the height for me at all but it gives me confidence to know the height isn’t going to be a problem for Hector! The first time he jumped the filler he did a hilarious ninja jump which my mum managed to capture on video – we all burst out laughing afterwards, it was so funny! I’m so pleased he loves his jumping and I really cant wait to do more with him over summer. Hopefully there will be some green/novice working hunter classes for us too!

My side saddle is away (again) being worked on until about July time so sadly my side saddle practice that I was dying to get stuck into is taking a back seat! My astride Kent & Masters dropped a gullet size too, Hector has changed shape a lot since he arrived almost a year ago now, I knew his saddle had become too wide for him so had been correcting with a half pad until my appointment. It got flocked up a little more too and we’re good to go again. Its amazing the difference a small saddle adjustment can make to your riding and position, I hadn’t realised I was compensating for my saddle fit being slightly off in my position and as soon as the fitter had corrected it I immediately felt more comfortable.

Did you catch our “meet the stars” interviews on the Honeychop facebook page? Myself, Georgia and Laura all had some fun answering a few questions last month , we hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about us!

Until next month! Keep feeding Honeychop.

Grace & Hector x