Hey guys, so this is my second blog for Honeychop!

So my life has been pretty crazy recently! With Caleah growing up fast, silage season on top of us and trying to keep Barns fit I barely have time to catch up on Hollyoaks; but in-between all of the hustle and bustle we have had some exciting new things happening! 

Caleah attended her first ever horse show at 8 months old! She absolutely loved it and was the centre of attention all day, she even made it into the paper! Caleah had a huge smile on her face the whole day, although it all got too much for her in the middle of her novice lead rein class and she fell asleep! 

There have also been huge changes with Barny recently. He’s been going through a ‘phase’ the past few months of bunny hopping, rearing and just having a bad attitude really. So after a very bad dressage test resulting in us retiring not even half way through I decided to have a full work up when I got home to try and get to the root cause. He had his back and saddle checked over just incase and then we moved onto bitting. I contacted a bit specialist and I’m so happy I did! We changed to an eggbutt comfy mouth because of his low pallet and it has made the world of difference. Touch wood, we haven’t had any ‘episodes’ since and he’s been working a dream. 

Things are going so well for Barns and I at the moment that we have joined up to the Wimpy Eventer camp which I’m buzzing for and our very first 3 day event in September!!!!! Don’t panic, its a grassroots event, we aren’t heading around Burghley just yet. Its being held at Moreton Equestrian so if your going definitely find me and come stay hi! 

So with all this fun stuff in the pipe line I’m trying to find some time to get back into vlogging and do some at home exercise to make sure I can complete cross country day. 

I hope you have all got a fabulous month planned and I can’t wait to catch up again soon.

George x