Hey everyone, I hope you are keeping OK! 

What a difference we are seeing with the weather just now – I don’t know about you but I have certainly noticed a difference these last couple of weeks with the darker nights and mornings and the clocks haven’t even gone back yet?!

Mikey has been a busy boy, and since my last blog has been on not one but two bootcamps.  He was carrying far too much weight, and with a potential laminitis scare I consulted with my vet, and we sent him to swimming boot camp!  He took to it like a duck to water.  Swimming a great way to get the horses working hard, but without the stresses and strains on their legs – so it is perfect.  Mikey not only dropped a good amount of weight, but it was great to help strengthen him up too.

We have moved new yards recently and are now settling in to a new routine – the hacking is amazing, we are just ten minutes away from our favourite woods, sandy tracks which can be ridden all year round – and best of all no mud!

Whilst Mikey was at swimming boot camp number two, I had my own adventure, and managed to get away for a few days horse riding in Dartmoor, if you ever get the chance – DO IT! It was incredible and the sheer open spaces, is almost impossible to describe, miles and miles of open land.  I had a great time, my steed for the two days was a gorgeous 17.2H Fresian cross named Zorro – I don’t mind admitting, I was super nervous but after a few minutes in the saddle I soon chilled out and enjoyed every minute of it!

That is all from me for now, work continues to be very busy indeed – but it keeps me out of trouble!

Until next time,

Laura and Mikey