Nutrition is key for optimum performance and there are several factors to consider when feeding your competition horse. The diet needs to provide enough energy and protein for stamina and recovery, whilst being balanced in nutrients and additional electrolytes for healthy body function.

This is Benji, an 8-year-old Irish Sport horse, competing successfully at BD and BE. #Honeychoprecommends Topline & Shine for Benji. Despite holding his weight well, he’s in hard work and therefore requires enough energy to do his job.

🌱 Topline & Shine is high in fibre and oil, but low in sugar and starch to provide Benji with a safe source of slow-release energy for stamina without excitability

🌱The high oil pellet is calorie dense combining fibrous carbohydrates and additional oils including ‘super-fibre’ sugar beet, rice bran, sunflower and linseed

🌱Provides a good source of protein, essential for muscle repair and recovery

🌱With a low starch and sugar profile, Topline & Shine is safe to feed those prone to gastric ulcers

🌱Correctly balanced for calcium and phosphorus ratio

🌱Free from molasses, cereals, soya, preservatives and artificial additives

Topline & Shine can be mixed with a complete feed, such as Allen & Page’s Power & Performance or a competition mix for quick-release energy. If a complete feed isn’t fed alongside, we recommend a broad-spectrum vitamin & mineral supplement or balancer is fed with the Topline & Shine to make sure Benji receives the nutrients he needs, plus added electrolytes fed daily to replace those lost in sweat 💧👉Honeychop is accredited to the BETA NOPS scheme, reducing the risk of disqualification from naturally occurring prohibited substances in feed. Read more about the scheme here…/feed-safety/beta-nops-scheme.php