On the farm, alongside manufacturing Honeychop we harvest over 1000 acres each year growing food and feed ingredients to the highest standards for specialist markets.

We are sure by now you have read the term, or seen the ‘Fair To Nature Conservation Grade’ logo either on our products, or website and you may have wondered what exactly does this mean?

The Conservation Grade logo you see means that our farm and the specially selected group of farmers we use to supply our oat straw are Conservation Grade accredited, which means we all help to preserve the wildlife and flora of the British countryside. We all comply with Fair To Nature Conservation Grade protocol and strive to improve the countryside around us. To read more about Fair To Nature Conservation Grade click here

We wanted to show you by being a Fair To Nature Conservation Grade Farm just what kind of wildlife and surroundings you would find here.

All the following pictures have been taken on our around our farm by Mike Rae.

Mike is a local wildlife photographer who has been visiting our farm for many years, both to get his Honeychop and to take pictures of our wildlife and environment. Mike works to improve the environmental projects around the farm, including the Suffolk Barn Owl project. He has also donated many pictures to further the interest of wildlife organisations and projects. Mike has started a blog and we are pleased to say that Halls Farm is the main focus, so check out the link and find out what is happening on the farm at Honeychop.

Visit Mike’s blog here!

Jordans Farm Partnership

We are delighted to be a trial farm for the new Jordans Farm Partnership, a unique collaboration between farmers, Jordans cereals, the Wildlife Trusts and the Prince’s Countryside fund. We are working together to bring an innovative blend of expertise to benefit the British countryside. Later this year the scheme will be rolled out to other farms to create nature friendly corridors that would reach from Lands End to John O’Groats. We will be working with a dedicated wildlife advisor to maximise the wildlife benefits on the 10% of our land that we dedicate purely to wildlife habitats.

Not only can you be sure of our commitment to the British countryside, but you can also be assured that the oat straw in your horse or ponies breakfast is grown to the same leading and highest standards as the oats in your bowl of Jordans breakfast cereal. To find out more watch the video below or visit Jordans Cereals.


Wildlife at Halls Farm