What our customers say:

Our customers are very important to us, here’s what some of them think about our Honeychop products. If you have a great story to tell us, please contact us and we’ll add you to our testimonial pages.


Honeychop OriginalAlfie Palomino draught horse portrait

Testimonial from Alfie

I have just started to feed Honeychop Original and I have noticed that it has really slowed down the time it takes Alfie to eat his feed.  This is just fantastic as he used to bolt his feed down and become bored in the stable but now he is occupied for much longer.



Christopher-Sampson1Honeychop Plus Garlic

Testimonial from Christopher Sampson

I am very lucky to live and ride in the New Forest.  The hacking is great but during the summer months the flies are awful – especially the Forest Crab Fly.  When a horse gets one of these flies on them they cannot get them off and the horses can get so upset they become dangerous.   Sadly my horse Holly was like this.  I had stopped riding on the forest on sunny days and it was getting to the point I was thinking of changing yards to move away from the forest and the crab flies.  A friend on the yard suggested I tried Honeychop Garlic as she felt its stopped the flies bothering her horse – WOW!! The garlic really smells but boy does it work!!!!  Holly loves the chaff in her normal diet but it has made such a difference that I have hacked on the forest all summer!




Honeychop Plus Apple

Testimonial from Lisa Naylor

Ruby just loves her Honeychop Plus Apple, she is a very fussy feeder and we have tried lots of different things to tempt her, but nothing works like Honeychop Apple. What we like about it most is the smell as its smells really natural unlike other apple chaffs I have tried before that smell really artificial.amber checkett



Testimonial from Amber Checkett

I have been using Honeychop Plus Apple for over a year now and find it fabulous it’s such good quality and reasonably priced and my horse loves every mouthful. Always excellent Thank You Amber



Laura Hamilton's horse aries

Honeychop Plus Herbs

Testimonial from Laura Hamilton

Honeychop Plus Herbs smells wonderful and Aries loves it, I used to spend hours mixing in all different herbs but now I don’t need to.  She looks so well on this product and I would recommend it to anyone, who likes a good old traditional chaff with the added bonus of herbs.




kay plummer's ex race horse

Honeychop Calm & Shine

 Testimonial from Kay Plummer

I would just like to say that the Honeychop Calm and Shine is amazing. My boy loves it and it has done its job. He is an ex race horse that was hard work were his feed was concerned as he cannot have magnesium as it turns him the other way . I was weary of trying this but it’s the best feed buy far I have used for him. Also his coat is a dream and he also loves the marigolds etc in it.



Honeychop Senior

Sally Lister and her senior horse Testimonial from Sally Lister

I have owned my lovely mare for 26 years.  We have competed in various disciplines and had a good competitive career.   However age has creeped up on her and last winter she looked poor and old.  I was worried as I didn’t want her coming into winter without a bit more sparkle.  I changed from my old chaff to your Senior.  She looks so good and obviously is feeling great – I have even taken her to a couple of veteran showing classes – showing was something we have never competed at before and she came home with ribbons – excellent proof that you can teach an old dogs new tricks!!  I just wanted to say thank you for getting my happy ‘young’ horse back.

Testimonial from Adam

Hi it’s Adam@Ally Pike
We were at the Senior Showing and Dressage championship show. We were dressing the main ring on the Friday.
We have a lot to do with the Seniors as we won at Olympia in 2013 with our Shetland made.
We won a bag of your senior honeychop in the raffle. We would just like to say how great it is on our Shetlands. Our old boy who is 23 is thriving on it. He seems to have really perked up on it we have to be careful with him as he is prone to going off his feet if we don’t watch him. Out of all our Shetlands he is the hardest one to monitor but he is skipping about like a 2 year. All the other ponies are looking good so it can only be the help from your honeychop.
Many thanks for all your kind sponsorship at the show and hopefully we will see you at Olympia
Many Thanks
Adam@Ally Pike

Kelly Tilbrook's daughter on her white pony Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw

Testimonial from Kelly Tilbrook

I have to write to say a big thank you to Honeychop for your Chopped Oat Straw.  My daughters pony is a classic fatty and we have tried everything to try and keep his weight down but we have had no luck.  Our vet came to the yard to give Bubbles his vaccinations and expressed concern over how fat Bubbles had become and said if we didn’t change something Bubbles could get Laminitis.  Our vet suggested your Chopped Oat Straw.  Bubbles has been having this as a partial hay replacer and it is fabulous – he is eating, so is happy but his weight is spot on!!  He looks so great that even the DC of our pony club has commented!!  All the other pony club mums  are now using it for their tubby Alison Rooney useponies!  Thank you!


Testimonial from Alison Rooney

I just wanted to pass on my thanks and feedback about one of your products. Having a pony who can’t be exercised due to joint problems but also gets very grumpy if his belly isn’t full, discovering you plain oat straw chaff has been such a relief. I now have a happy, contented pony again but without the worry of him getting calories he doesn’t need.