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No, the Honeychop name derives from the prefix “Honey” from the family surname and “chop” to represent chaff, creating Honeychop. The full list of ingredients for each product is available on the product pages.

No! We only use high quality locally sourced, conservation grade oat straw in our feeds. We believe oat straw to be the superior choice over wheat or barley straw, due to less silica and the lower lignin content, making it more digestible. We wouldn’t want to feed our own horses cheap cereal straw, so why should you?!

Yes, our Chopped Oat Straw can be fed as a full hay replacer (up to 100% of the horse or pony’s daily forage ration). Lite & Healthy can be fed as a partial hay replacer, up to 50% of the horse or pony’s daily forage ration.

There are a couple of suitable feeds in our range for laminitics. If the horse or pony is overweight, we recommend either our Lite & Healthy chaff or our Chopped Oat Straw – both of these products are low calorie and low in sugar and starch. Honeychop Topline & Shine and Senior are also suitable for laminitics but are higher in calories and therefore best suited to poor doers who require support maintaining condition.

Our Lite & Healthy is the most popular choice for good doers. It is low calorie and very low in sugar and starch.

Our Chopped Oat Straw is very low sugar at 2%. This product is plain, simple chopped oat straw with nothing added whatsoever.

The herbs in Lite & Healthy include Mint, Thyme, Oregano and Basil.

No, Topline & Shine doesn’t need to be soaked.

We recommend adding some water to your horse’s feed to reduce the risk of choke.

No, none of our products contain wheat or rye.

Our Topline & Shine is a conditioning fibre, high in oil but low in sugar and starch.

No, we don’t add biotin to any of our products. We feel this is horse specific and should be added if the individual horse requires it and at the right quantity for that horse.

All of our feeds are suitable for horses prone to ulcers, however our Topline & Shine and Senior products both contain alfalfa which is proven to have an acid buffering ability and therefore support against gastric ulcers.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to give nutritional advice for other species. We recommend you seek advice from your vet.

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Yes! Please send an email to info@honeychop.com with your full name, postcode and which product you’d like to buy and we’ll get back to you with your nearest stockist.

Yes! All our packaging is food grade and widely recycled – we do not use blended plastics in our packaging.

The straw that we use in our feeds is grown to the absolute highest standards that are fully compliant with all human food production regulations. All of our farms are LEAF (Linked Environment and Farming) https://leafuk.org assured and all follow the strict compliance of the Assured Combinable Crops Scheme. We do, like all cereal crops that aren’t organic, treat our crops with some products in compliance with all of the above regulations to control some invasive species of weeds and grasses and prevent the straw from becoming diseased. This of course has the benefit that our crops are less likely to be contaminated with some species that contain NOPS (Naturally Occurring Prohibitive Substances) and other potential contaminants as well as ensuring that the straw is bright and clean, and free from disease and rust which is better for your horses health.

We do not desiccate any of our oat straw using glyphosate. We simply rely on the summer sun after the oats are harvested, and patience to ensure the straw is of the right quality and moisture before it is put into storage. As we take so much care in doing this we do not need to chemically treat any of our straw post-harvest.