To create our unique high fibre oat straw range we only use the very best natural ingredients.

The way we source our ingredients is extremely important to the quality of our Honeychop range; we source all our ingredients to ensure that your high standards are always met. Only ingredients that are sourced from approved suppliers, with full traceability, are used in our range. We regularly visit our suppliers to make sure our high environmental standards are being adhered to.

We also manage the full production of our products on site, so we can be sure that we know exactly what goes into every bag we produce; this means we are able to trace every bag right back to the field in which it was grown.


Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substance (NOPS)

Stringent control measures are in place to reduce the risk of contamination with substances that are prohibited under competition rules. We do this by sourcing all our materials from companies that comply with quality assurance schemes, UFAS and FEMAS. We evaluate the risk of NOPS contamination during every step of the sourcing, storage and transportation process and manufacture to a strict code of feed safety monitoring all ingredients.

Oat Straw

Dried Grass


Herbal Supplement







Apple Flavouring

Linseed Oil

Rapeseed Oil

Limestone Flour


Natural Preservative

Low Sugar Molasses Blend