The Honeychop range of high fibre horse feeds are ideal to mix with a concentrate feed and will help to prevent horses or ponies bolting their food by slowing down eating, increasing chewing and helping to maintain a healthy digestive system.

All of the Honeychop fibre feeds are short oat straw based. The benefit of this is that it takes longer for a horse to eat 1kg of Honeychop than it does to eat 1kg of long chop such as hay. This keeps them occupied for longer especially when stabled for long periods of time.

The Honeychop range is different from any other. We use our own home-grown and locally sourced Conservation Grade oat straw as standard rather than wheat or barley straws. We feel this is important because it is softer and tends to be more palatable than other straws. Oat straw also has a lower lignin content which makes it easier for horses to digest.

Here at Honeychop we ensure that every ingredient is as natural as it can be, prepared under quality NOPS controls. Packed in convenient recyclable sacks, the feed contains natural preservatives, ensuring Honeychop remains as fresh as the day we pack it. The result is a superior horse feed that is high in fibre, extremely palatable and above all, nutritious and safe.

We allow all our crops to dry naturally in the summer sun and we never use desiccants to dry our crops as they are grown for use in a well known breakfast cereal.

Honeychop Plus Apple

Honeychop Plus Apple bag

Honeychop Original

Honeychop Original Bag

Lite & Healthy

Natural Choice Alfalfa

Natural Choice Alfalfa

Chopped Oat Straw

Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw

Honeychop Plus Garlic

Honeychop Plus Garlic bag

Honeychop Plus Herbs

Honeychop Plus Herbs bag

Honeychop Senior

Honeychop Senior

Honeychop Calm & Shine

Honeychop Calm & Shine bag