Nutritional Info

Fibre 40%
Protein 2%
Total sugar 1.6%
Starch 0.1%
Digestible Energy 5 MJ/Kg


Oat Straw

Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw

Honeychop’s Chopped Oat Straw is a straight high fibre feed which is screened to remove small straw particles and dust extracted, a pure natural product with nothing added. It is made only from sun dried oat straw and we never use desiccants on our crops.

If you want a chaff with no oil, no soya, no sugar etc. then Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw is the answer!  It is a Free From product and it is Free From almost everything so suitable for horses, ponies and donkeys with intolerance and those with or prone to laminitis. It is perfect for natives and ideal for overweight horses, ponies or donkeys, and those that maintain their weight easily.

Made using only oat straw from our selected assured farms, we can assure every bag is of a consistent high quality. The unique manufacturing process means that the oat straw is screened and cleaned to remove all small fine particles and dust, leaving only a clean, bright soft oat straw chaff for your horse or pony.

It is the perfect natural product, high in fibre but very light in calories with no added sugar and low in starch.

When managing weight loss for equines suffering from laminitis and equine metabolic syndrome, vets recommend that calories need to be reduced to encourage weight loss; also the non-structural carbohydrate (NSC) content of the diet needs to be less than 10%. Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw has a NSC of 2.2% making it the idea feed for those needing to lose weight.

Its golden colour and soft texture makes it visually appealing and highly palatable. It is the lowest calorie fibre feed in the Honeychop range and can be used as a partial hay replacer, simply by exchanging the weight of hay with the same weight of Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw. Being a short chop it prolongs eating time, aids good digestion and keeps horses occupied for longer.

If you have a horse or pony that suffers from laminitis you may want to read our fact sheet. click here.

  • Suitable for laminitics
  • Ideal for overweight horses, ponies and donkeys and those that maintain their weight easily
  • No oil, soya or sugar
  • Suitable for horses, ponies and donkeys
  • Made using only oat straw from our selected assured farms

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Jennifer says:

With a PSSM pony who is highly sensitive to sugar and intolerant to alfalfa, trying to find adequate forage sources has been a real challenge. Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw has been perfect for him, to ensure he has adequate good quality forage that is super low in sugar. His muscles are looking the best they’ve ever been!

Ali says:

Fantastic product, my horses have this available ad lib as a top up to their hay ration and I can relax knowing they always have a good source of fibre available when they want it without the extra calories.

Susan Whyte says:

This is a godsend ! I now feed my two Shetlands who are laminitic prone and along with a careful grazing regime are doing much better .
It’s great to have a totally natural feed with nothing else added .
Plan to feed my donks this over the winter .

Mary Harris says:

A fabulous product for my aged pair, one horse and a companion donkey who together, now have 75 years between them.Both struggle to eat grass now due to poor dentition and cannot eat hay. Requiring a very low energy feed to extend their bucket feeds and increase chew time stabled overnight, I know I can feed this great product to them with confidence and a reliable,consistent quality

Sally Chaplin says:

My little pony with PPID and EMS has this as a top up to her hay ration, just to make sure she has something available to nibble all the time. Far better than a standard bale of straw because it’s conservation grade and never desiccated, plus dust extracted because pony has asthma too.
She’s happy to eat it when she’s hungry (she eats much more in cold weather) but leaves it if not, so I’m happy she’s never left with nothing to eat without feeding lots of extra calories

Maggi says:

This the perfect solution to keep low sugar and starch fibre available 24/7 to EMS ponies, I wouldn’t be without it.

Mine get a measured amount of hay, soaked, in a small-holed net and a trug full of this chaff to nibble on ad lib so that they always have access to forage

The quality is top class and consistent. Dust extracted so there’s no need to then coat it with oil and other additives, unlike other brands. Just pure, clean, chopped straw. Thanks Honeychop!

Vikki says:

Wouldn’t be without it it in my feed room:-
My good-doer has it as their only ‘hard feed’ along with enough sugar beet to hold supplements.
My veteran chooses to eat it when the grass is rich, leaves it when it’s not.
I use a handful or two before riding if no hay on hand.
Good-doer has it in a trug as extra forage so I don’t have to leave them stood without food.

becki macdonald haig says:

I am using the honey chopped oat straw and am delighted with it.

Kiera Bentley says:

Very impressed with this product. My mules do very well with it and I use it with soaked sugar beet to provide a high fibre feed for them. Extremely good value as a bag lasts ages!

Alison says:

This product is a lifesaver! I have two ponies with PPID and one with EMS and they always have a big bucket of dampened oat straw ad lib in case they run out of their hay (fed in small mesh soft hay-nets). It has really helped to control weight without the need to soak hay, a huge bonus all round.

M. French says:

I have been feeding your chopped oat straw to my fell pony for over a year and he loves it. It’s perfect with a few soaked low sugar hay cobs to keep him interested. I did try other brands in my quest for a high fiber, low starch/sugar feed, however, yours was the most natural and we haven’t looked back since, I can feed with neigh worries!