Nutritional Info

Fibre 29%
Protein 3%
Total Sugar 3.5%
Starch 0.5%
Digestible Energy 7MJ/Kg


Oat Straw, Timothy Grass, Linseed & Rapeseed Oil, Marigold, Limestone, Cinnamon, Thyme, Oregano, Mint, Basil.

Honeychop Lite & Healthy

Honeychop Lite & Healthy, free from molasses, is a non-heating low sugar fibre feed suitable for those prone to laminitis. It is coated with linseed and rapeseed oil, including oat straw, timothy grass, herbs, marigolds and cinnamon.

High in omega 3 fatty acids, linseed oil is ideal to promote health and a glossy coat. Blended with our mix of real herbs known for their natural antioxidant properties it is the perfect low sugar palatable fibre feed to add to your horse, pony or donkeys diet.

With a typical sugar content of 3%, which is made up of all natural sugars, you can be sure you will be limiting the sugar intake in your horse, pony or donkey’s diet.

Horses are herbivores, evolved on a diet of grasses, The blend of natural fibres and selected herbs in Honeychop Lite and Healthy will add natural variety to your horse, pony or donkeys diet, mimicking the natural environment in which they should graze.

Linseed Oil is high in omega 3 fatty acids. Linseed (flax seed) oil is ideal to promote health and condition. Rapeseed oil is also a good source of vitamin E and an important aid to digestion. The inclusion of oil helps horses and ponies maintain strong hooves, glossy coats and better all-round condition. It is also known to have beneficial effects for horses with stiff joints.

Marigolds are known to contain antioxidants, which help against digestive inflammation. They are a rich source of vitamins A and C and are high in oil. This means that not only will your horse, or pony benefit from external coat shine, but they will also receive internal benefits from these beautiful yellow flowers.

Cinnamon has also been shown to act as an antioxidant which can lead to improved health. Although no specific trials have been performed on horses cinnamon may prove to have beneficial effects in laminitic equines.

Thyme is an anti-spasmodic and can help inflammation or infection of the respiratory tract, ideal for coughs, cramps and chest infections due to its antiseptic properties. It stimulates circulation, digestion, nervous responses and secretion of hormones aiding metabolism. Whilst being an insecticide it keeps away insects, pests and can be effectively used to deter parasites such as fleas, lice and flies.

Oregano contains elements that help with digestion and stimulates the immune system. It also aids in the smooth running of the cardiovascular system which helps in fighting diseases, stabilises body temperature and maintains PH balance.

Mint is germicidal and a breath freshener. It takes care of oral health by inhibiting harmful bacterial growth inside the mouth by cleaning the tongue and teeth. Mint is a good appetiser and promotes digestion.

Basil is a natural antiseptic and known for being an antioxidant that aids digestion.

Timothy Grass is an excellent choice for natives, good doers and those prone to laminitis as its naturally lower in sugar than most other grasses.

Honeychop Lite & Healthy also contains limestone flour which is a calcium supplement for horses and vital for healthy growth, strong bones, teeth and hooves.

  • Free from molasses, soya and artificial additives
  • No added sugar
  • Low in Starch
  • Recommended for those with EMS, PPID or prone to laminitis
  • Contains added linseed oil, rich in omega 3 fatty acids for health and condition
  • Includes real herbs with known natural antioxidants
  • Ideal for overweight horses, ponies and donkeys or those that maintain their weight easily
  • We only use sun dried oat straw and never desiccate our crops

Not recommended for pregnant or lactating mares.

If your horse or pony suffers from laminitis you may want to read our fact sheet. Click here to find out more Laminitis Fact Sheet.

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Sarah says:

Best chop I have ever fed to my good doers! They absolutely love it and it’s 100% safe for them. It smells gorgeous too and I love the addition of the marigolds .⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Rowenna Driessen says:

Wow, what a great feed is the light and healty! My horses realy love this. The horses look great and shiney. I’m so pleased that I can buy this in the Netherlands.

Laura says:

Our Clydesdale Horses are in their best condition on this feed – and they love it too! Been on it over winter and we’ve just had our best rosette results ever at our first agricultural show of the season. Placed 2nd and 3rd out of 9 geldings – woop woop!

Bente says:

Have been feeding this brilliant low-calorie chaff for ages to my Connemara as well as my TB cross. The Connemara has just that with vits and mins, the TB has other higher calorie bit added, but still no alfalfa or molasses! Love it!

Vic says:

My Mare has been on this for a few months now smells great and always leaves an empty bowl.

Madeleine says:

I feed my 5 native good doers this,1 is Lami prone to hide there supplements in.They love it and are doing great on it.

Louise says:

I feed this to my laminitic mare to carry her medication in, and feel safe feeding it to her as it’s laminitic friendly and she seems to enjoy eating it!.

LIZ says:

So glad I found this chop, my good doers and Lami / cushings horse love it !

Allison Wadling says:

My horse is a very very fussy eater I have finally found something she really really loves it fabulous I no longer worry about her eating xxx

Jen says:

I wanted to feed my young 15.2 Welsh section D a feed that wouldn’t make him fizzy without all the added rubbish! This stuff is amazing!! His temperament has changed to being level headed, no fizz. His coat, hooves and mane have just gone next level. Will you expand your line onto different products?
I would love it if you where one stop shop!

Stephanie Philp says:

I’m new to Honeychop having given up on my last fibre feed because of the quality and the inconsistency. I just wanted to say having used Honeychop Lite and Healthy now for the past 6 weeks what an amazing difference i have seen in my horse both in temperament and condition. He now pays attention, is alert and when i’m riding a completely different horse. I wouldn’t believe changing feed could make soooo much difference. Amazzzzzzzing Thank you Honeychop. Keep up the good work Steph.

Laura Callow says:

New to this but proving to be a great choice. Smells amazing and my ponies love it!

Kim says:

Excellent choice for my native horses that just need a token feed for their supplements. Economical compared to other healthy chaffs.
Low sugar and starch but full of flavour and no alfalfa which causes behaviour issues with my big.

Ellen Patrick says:

Just started using this on my cob good doer but has liver issues and cpl so far so good this ticks all the boxes. Normally hates change but loves this thumbs up from Jenson the super cob.

Kerry says:

I’ve recently tried this with my mare (a friend let me try a bucketful of hers) something low in fat/sugar that I can hide her supplements in through summer with worrying about the calories…. she’s really enjoying it so I’m thinking of keeping her on it in winter too maybe add abit of fast fibre. Just want to thank you for producing such a good feed!

Fiona Barker says:

My Dartmoor ponies absolutely love it!

So glad my local feed merchant stock this. The cinnamon and added herbs make it smell really good and I am sure it is really helping them as they are both unfortunately chronic laminitics but are looking amazing and feeling good at the moment .

Karla Bailey says:

I love the light and healthy for my chunky cob mare, I have to control her weight so this bend is perfect The added cinnamon assists with controlling blood sugar and the marigolds help keep mallanders at bay, it is the only chop that she will eat on its own as a buffer before exercise, and I add a balancer in her normal feeds. Give it a try Gracie may says its really tasty

Tess says:

We only feed low starch and low sugar and this is perfect for our little ponies without it being plain and boring. It is also free from molasses, soya and alfalfa which is why we feed it

Both ponies absolutely love it and we would not feed anything else now

Honey Lubbock says:

This has been great for my veteran fell pony.

Kirsty says:

Love lite and healthy for feeding to my native ponies as it is low in sugar and starch. They love eating it with the added herbs.

Naomi says:

A low calorie, rye-free chaff that acts as a useful carrier. My two Welsh cross found it on palatable. I appreciated the inclusion of oily herbs for encouraging micro biome proliferation and diversity in gut.

Both linseed and rapeseed have omega 3 to 6 ratios that are very to fairly equable to grass and are considered some of the best methods for equine omega supplementation.

Stacey Holt says:

I feed this to my laminitic.i wanted something without molasses and alfalfa,low starch and sugar.He loves it and looks amazing

Edward Berry says:

My usual forage feed has recently become very stalky i was recommended this by a friend to try – WOW I won’t be going back. Lovely soft forage great quality and lovely ingredients five stars all round and my horses love it!!! Thank you Honeychop amazing just what i wanted.

Heather says:

Best on the market! I have to source mine from a feed store miles away but it’s so worth it. My native exmoor x Dartmoor pony was very unwell with liver failure, and I’m certain changing her feed to Honeychop aided with her remarkable recovery. It’s free from everything that you don’t need, super hard to find in feeds these days let me tell you! Honeychop is very palatable which is a bonus. My horse and pony have never looked and felt as good 🙂

Louise says:

Just about to start feeding this to my mare. She is 3/4 thoroughbred and 1/4 warm blood. Despite all the thoroughbred in her , she is a very good doer and always holds her weight well through winter. It doesn’t take much for her to put on weight but after some research I can feed her a whole scoop of this for a lot less calories than the handful of Alfa she gets. She can now have a decent feed without me piling in extra calories she doesn’t need.

Julie Thornburrow says:

This is the only suitable chop for native ponies.
Molasses free
Alfalfa free
Soya free
Low sugar and starch

Sam Harrington says:

This really is the best chaff I can find on the market. I was looking for a low NSC chaff, with no molasses, alfalfa or soya for my 6 barefoot horses and this ticked all the boxes. A bonus is that they don’t desiccate their crops and the added linseed and herbs means it literally has everything in it the horses need so I don’t have to add in anything extra apart from their vitamins and mineral supplement.

April - Lofty Therapy Horses says:

We feed all the Lofty Therapy Horses, the mini’s & our 15hh cob, on Lite & Healthy & it keeps them in tip top condition without making them excitable. They are all good-doers so it’s perfect for them. They also need to be calm & relaxed for the work we do with adults with learning disabilities & autism…so it’s fantastic!

Vikki Gower says:

Best chaff on the market. my boy loves this . it smells fab and doesnt go dusty. we decrease the amount in the summer to carry his balancer and Increase it in winter for extra fibre and so he doesnt get the hump when the bigger horses get huge bucketsof feed. safe in the knowledge it’s not full of rubbish and wont cause a huge weight gain

Victoria poole says:

Absolutely fantastic chaff , I use this for all 3 of mine including a very good doer of a broodmare with foal at foot ! All look fab , feel fab & more importantly love cleaning the buckets out

Claire Mason says:

My pony loves this feed

Sally Chaplin says:

My little pony LOVES this, I couldn’t get hold of any of your chopped oat straw that she normally has a bucket of to give her something to nibble at when she’s finished her soaked hay, so bought the lite and healthy. She eats this before anything else and all three of my ponies are having it as their chaff in bucket feeds now!

Hannah Roy says:

Swapping on to Lite and Healthy was one of the best decisions that I have made. Both my ponies are very good doers and finding a low sugar feed that was still appealing for my fussier mare (who is also intolerant to alfalfa) was a nightmare. They both love lite and health, it ticks all the boxes and they look AMAZING on it.

Alison baxter says:

Ive been using the lite n healthy for a few months now and am finding it very palatable for my shire cross and full shire who are both big boys that have to watch their weight it lasts longer than the other chaff used too as well
A big thumbs up from me

Julie Raynors says:

I switched to Lite and Healthy after looking for an Alfalfa and molasses free fibre product last winter and three months on I have to say my horse is transformed – better temperament, happier and eats every drop, every day. Amazing consistent quality Thank You so much Honeychop

Janet says:

Trying to find a low sugar and starch fibre that my horse would eat has been a nightmare. We came across this by chance and he loved it. A great carrier for his vitamin and mineral supplements or as a bulk to add to a balancer. He actually licked his bowl clean.

Debbie Sadler says:

My pony loves her lite and healthy chop. It looks appealing and she looks really well on it. I chose it with her being a very good doer, but also with her having some allergies and found this chop perfect as free of triggers for her ☺️ great feed for good doers, horses with allergies and older horses with the worry of laminitis. I recommend regularly to friends ☺️

Emily Davies says:

I absolutely love Honeychop Lite and Healthy. It’s perfect for both my good-doer cob and my picky, metabolic tb! I found it after much trial and error with other feeds, and love that there is no alfalfa or molasses. 5* from me and my horses 🙂

Lucy Clements says:

I love this for my 4 fatties (ranging from 16.2 Irish Draught to 12.2 Welsh Pony). No nasties, smells nice and horses love it.

Sarah says:

My ponies love this feed, and it’s good to know it doesn’t contain any nasties and is low sugar and starch, just what I needed for two native ponies it’s also east to find in most local feed shops.

Elizabeth Willetts says:

I have a sensitive Welsh D, who is also very picky with eating chaff. After speaking the team at the SSADL I brought a bag to take home and he loves it.

Rachael Barratt says:

My veteran Fell pony loves this chaff. It’s great to know I’m feeding a healthy low cal chaff that he loves too. Would highly recommend especially if you’ve a good dooer or native

Louise Hartland says:

We have been using lite and healthy for a few months now for our pony who suffered a bout of laminitis. With its added fatty acids and antioxidants I really think this has aided a speedy recovery and kept him healthy.

Emma Bowden says:

I was really worried about starting my fussy laminitic prone Shetland on some ‘hard feed’ as opposed to her normal diet of just natural forage but at 24yrs she was needing something extra through the harsh winter months. The Lite and healthy has been perfect for her, knowing she’s getting all the nutrients but not piling on the pounds is a massive relief. She’s a fussy eater too, so I loved the fact that I could request a sample of honey chop before I committed to a full bag!

Elena says:

My ponies love, love, love lite and healthy! Bonus for me having chunky monkeys so I don’t need to worry about the sugar etc!

Hollie says:

My cob is a good doer and only needs a chaff to mix her supplements in with. I found that she was very picky when it came to unmollassed chaff, however she absolutely loves this and always finishes her bowl within a couple of minutes.

Clare Driver says:

We feed both our boys Honeychop Lite & Heathly, it has been a life saver as they are both prone to laminitis and one of them has EMS. Neither of them have had any problems since feeding them this and it smells amazing.

Becky says:

The bag never ends! This has suited both my horses and one can be very fussy. I also use this as a nice, low value reward during our clicker training sessions. All for a very reasonable cost, I love this product.

Emily says:

My boy loves this chaff, he’s very picky but I think the ingredients make this chaff very palatable for him. The amount of chaff that comes out of one bag lasts ages, there’s a lot more in there than you would think! He is prone to laminitis, so the low sugar/startch content is fantastic for him. I’d give 10 stars if I could!

Helen Smith says:

Hi, I started using Honeychop Lite and Healthy a few months ago when I acquired a Dales pony with severely irritated skin. I also have two good doers, so finding a simple feed regime which suited all, was hard. But the Honeychop Lite and Healthy is both free of known irritants like molasses, alfalfa and soya, but also low calorie, AND tasty. Not a combination I could find anywhere else! They love it.

Ann Jeavons says:

Absolutely brilliant for my boy who went down with laminitis. Also for my mare that’s in box rest.

Vivienne says:

Hi,I had a free sample of Lite and Healthy to try and my boys loved it,they have been on it for over a year now and I’m happy to say I get 3 clean bowls every meal time,it smells lovely,looks good and I particularly like to see the flower heads in there too,it’s a great feed for my weight watchers as they can tuck into a decent meal without excess calories,a great price too.

Lesley Theobald says:

This product is absolutely amazing.. I’ve a 13’2 pony that has m&s I’ve tried everything to get rid of it.
With in 3 weeks of feeding this it’s completely gone.
Over the moon with this feed I’m now feeding it to all my ponies .

Tanya says:

Having a pony with EMS but also not able to have Alfalfa, I really needed to find a product that fitted the bill for him. After lots of research and comparing of other products, Honeychop Lite and Healthy came out on top and gave me exactly what I was looking for! I have been feeding Honeychop Lite and Healthy for 7 months now and my pony shines from the inside out. I loved that the chaff contained natural flowers and herbs, a bit of outdoors in a bowl! Would never use another chaff with him now, Honeychop Lite and Healthy gives me exactly what I’m looking for and more.

Emma Atkinson says:

I have a gelding prone to ulcers and laminitis (very difficult two conditions to manage) and this chaff is brilliant!!
He looks fantastic and always finishes up all his food! Highly recommend!

Emma de Haas says:

My beautiful black Irish Cob has suffered terribly with hyperkeratosis (M&S) on his 4 white feathered feet. Until now… Not wanting him to go through another season sore and uncomfortable, and having tried everything topical with no joy, l researched and found Honeychop Light and Healthy. I started feeding it 6 weeks ago 1 scoop mixed with 1 of the Honeychop with herbs and some dried grass. Checked his skin under his feathers tonight and had to double check – no cracks, no sores, no oozing. The skin felt smooth and the build up of the psoriasis like skin was minimal. I am thrilled, and Henry finally comfortable. Thank you. Results from the inside that show on the outside.

Sophie says:

Thank you very much for your help and advise! I’ve had my cob on your Lite and Healthy for around 6 weeks now and the difference it’s made to his mallenders has been amazing! Thank you!

Tracey Davies says:

I’ve recently swapped over to light & healthy mainly due to feeding issues concerned with intolerance. I always try to keep feeding simple as I have a very fussy donkey who shared the yard with my horses and all 3 love this feed.

Mrs B - Derbyshire says:

Dear Honeychop, what an amazing product this is! Just discovered this and moved away from my usual fibre feed and my horses look truly amazing on you Lite and Healthy. The bag lasts for ever – this is such great value and the quality is always first class. Never a drop left from any of my usually fussy horses. Thank you !

Hollie says:

My mare loves this! I struggled to find one that was free from molasses AND alfalfa but that had a bit more flavour than plain chaff as she is very picky! This, however is perfect for her and she eats every last bit of her feed now.

Karen Carter says:

My pony Carter loves this stuff, he can’t eat it fast enough. He’s gotten a lovely shiny coat now and it also helps controls his weight due to laminitis.
It’s a much better quality chaff compared to others on the market and it’s also better on cost.

Leah Adams says:

I currently feed your Lite & Healthy chop to all three of my girls. Each of them has an individual need and your chop is the ONLY one on the market that ticks all their boxes.

My eldest mare, Charm has a variety of problems (ulcer prone, IAD and has just been diagnosed with hepatitis and moderate liver damage) and needs such a specific chop, yours is a life saver. She needs low protein, sugar and starch with no molasses, soya or Alfa. I love the fact their are marigolds and fresh herbs in there as well which makes it tasty as she is a fussy eater.

The little coloured cob, Weirdo has very worn front teeth and over the winter struggles with her weight. In the summer she needs a low sugar and starch chaff to keep her a healthy weight.

Calypso is my newest addition who came over from Ireland. She is a very tense girl who is just starting to trust me After a rough time over in Ireland. I wanted a low sugar and starch chop that is also tummy friendly just in case she has ulcers, so again, yours fit the bill perfectly.

Viv says:

Hi I feed your Lite and Healthy,my 3 boys love it,it looks good and I like the fact you can actually see the flower heads,it smell delicious and I get 3 clean bowls every time,I’m happy knowing they can enjoy a tasty dinner that is below the recommended 10%sugar and starch,my boys have great coats and their weight is spot on.

Michele Winters says:

We use this for our 19yr old Welsh B pony who has cushings and EMS and he loves it. There is so much in the bag and being low in sugar and starch, I know it is safe for him.

Kate Vickers says:

This product smells amazing. I discovered it last year and after trying a sample I have been usi g it ever since for my laminitics pony.

Charlotte F says:

I love this feed. I have a barefoot connemara mare and this feed is perfect to provide her with a little mouthful to get her supplements in. She gobbles it up and it feels lovely and soft. A bag lasts us ages! Much longer than similar products. I particularly like that it is actually low sugar and starch unlike other feeds that market themselves as suitable for laminitis risk and are actually high in sugar or are coated in molasses. I also like that it is free from alfalfa and soya.