Nutritional Info

Fibre 23%
Protein 5%
Total Sugar 11.5%
Starch 1.4%
Digestible Energy 8 MJ/Kg


Oat Straw, Molasses Blend, Apple Pieces & Apple Flavouring, Limestone Flour, Salt, Natural Preservative

Honeychop Plus Apple

Honeychop Plus Apple is a high fibre oat straw chaff combined with human grade apple pieces and apple flavouring to tempt even the fussiest of  feeders. Made with only the finest Conservation Grade oat straw, it is ideal to accompany concentrate feeds to slow eating time and to help aid digestion.

Honeychop Plus Apple is excellent for helping mask the addition of any supplements, additives, or medication you made need to add with its great apple flavour.

It provides variety in the diet when grazing is limited and can keep horses and ponies occupied when stabled for long periods of time.

Apples are high in the antioxidant vitamins A and C; these vitamins help fight free-radicals, which may cause inflammation, infection and fatigue.

Honeychop Plus Apple also contains salt and limestone flour for added minerals.

Limestone Flour is induced as a calcium supplementation for horses and ponies,  and calcium is vital for healthy growth, strong bones, teeth and hooves.

Honeychop Plus Apple also contains salt at a rate of 25 grams per Kg which is the recommended amount for an average horse in light work in a moderate climate. Salt is an essential mineral required by a horse to function normally; a lack of salt can cause loss of performance.

  • Honeychop Plus Apple is made using only the finest Conservation Grade high fibre oat straw with a low sugar dressing
  • It contains human grade apple pieces and apple flavouring to tempt fussy feeders
  • We only use sun dried oat straw and never deiccate our crops
  • Contains added salt and limestone flour for healthy growth and strong bones, teeth and hooves
  • Ideal to mix with a concentrate feed to extend chewing time and encourage slower digestion

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Marie Handscombe says:

Our horse Farley is looking stunning after a winter on Honeychop plus Apple, we have had so many comments about what lovely condition he is in. Best of all he loves it and is always very keen for his feed!
Highly Recommend this.

Catherine Howe says:

My old boy has loved this feed for many years. The smell is so delicious I could eat it myself.
He’s been on lots of medications over the years and Honeychop Plus Apple is great for disguising the smell and taste.
He’s struggled with his weight this winter so I’m thinking if changing him to Honeychop Senior to hopefully help him.