Honeychop Stars LogoLaura Szuca :  Honeychop Star for East Anglia

Laura Szuca

Birthday: 20th of February

Favourite Honeychop Feed: Honeychop Senior whilst Mikey is only 9 I feed him this as the added oils help keep his joints in good working order and the low sugar content helps keep his weight under control.

Biggest Achievement: Getting round my first ever one day event, I didn’t jump as a kid and when you get older fear kicks in a lot more, not to mention bones seem to break a lot easier so getting round my first ever one day is an experience I will never forget – I even managed to get 2 double clears and a decent dressage score to end 5th in my section!

The Best piece of advice Laura has been given: Breath!  I sometimes get so nervous and pre occupied in what I am doing I forget to breath and out on the XC course that isn’t very helpful.  Remember to breath, relax and try and enjoy it are all useful tips that I have been given.

Laura’s Tip: Set yourself a goal and have a plan to achieve it- no matter how small the goal may be I believe it’s always good to be working towards something.  Getting that first clear round, competing in your first one day event or simply learning to turn straight up the centre line!

Laura Szuca is our Honeychop Star for East Anglia, she is based in Leighton Buzzard and is a member of several local riding clubs including Leighton Buzzard Standbridge and District Riding Club, Keysoe Riding Club, Aspley Guise and District Riding Club and the newly created Milton Keynes Riding Club, next year Laura hopes to be able to ride for one of these clubs on a regular basis.

Laura started horse riding when she was 4 years old at a local riding school and from that very young age was hooked. Her family knew nothing at all about horses but her Mum and Dad would take her each weekend to ride and help out at the yard, in the school holidays she practically lived at the stables!

As an adult it never seemed like she had enough time to own her own horse so she got by riding other people’s horses. Then having had a friends horse on loan for 5 years Laura decided that it was time to get her own horse.

Last November Mikey came along, her heart was set on him from the very first sit, jumping far bigger on him on that first ride than she had in years. She even fell off taking him out for a short hack when he spooked at a pheasant hiding in the bushes but that didn’t put her off.

Mikey was bought to event but he does a bit of everything – and has even recently been seen in the show ring picking up a few rosettes.
Laura Says:

“Mikey has a tendency to get really close to the jump, chipping in a really short stride or sometimes coming to a grinding holt in front of the fence, it’s become a bit of a habit and I would love some help to fix this by getting me riding more forward. I am hoping over the next year as a Honeychop Star to improve my confidence and ability jumping so we can regularly get out there competing, and doing our best, if we get a red rosette along the way even better.  Next season I would love to win a BE80 event.

My aims and aspirations long term are to get the confidence and skill to jump bigger!  Fear sometimes holds me back, Mikey and I are still a new partnership and still getting to know one another.   Long term I would love to confidently get round a 2ft 9 show jump course (maybe even bigger who knows) and successfully complete some BE90’s – I would love to try and qualify for Badminton Grass Roots but I think we are a long way off that just now!

If you’d like to find out about how I’m getting on make sure you check out my monthly blog.”