Nutritional Info

Protein 14%
Fibre 22%
Oil 11%
Total Sugar 4.5%
Starch 3.5%
Digestible Energy 12MJ/Kg


Oat Straw, Grass Dried, Sunflower Seed Meal Dehulled, Dried Sugar Beet Pulp, Rapeseed Oil, Ricebran Expeller, Alfalfa, Linseed Meal Expeller, Full Fat Linseed Meal, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Thyme, Oregano, Mint, Basil.

Honeychop Topline & Shine

NEW from Honeychop – Topline & Shine

Topline & Shine has been specifically formulated to support your horse’s body condition without causing excitability. The palatable fibres; Timothy grass, Alfalfa and Oat straw have been blended with a high oil – low starch pellet, combining Rice bran, Linseed and Rapeseed oil, all of which provide a safe source of slow release energy and essential omega 3 fatty acids. The added herbs, Thyme, Oregano, Mint and Basil each have natural, antioxidant properties as well as a pleasant aroma, to tempt even the fussiest feeders.

Topline & Shine is the ideal fibre feed for any horse or pony requiring support gaining or maintaining body weight and condition or those in work that need a safe source of slow release energy, including those prone to laminitis or gastric ulcers.

  • Free from molasses, barley, preservatives and nutritionally improved straw (NIS)
  • High in oil with a low starch content and no added sugar
  • Added Rice bran, Linseed and Sunflower extract
  • A safe source of slow release energy and essential omega 3 fatty acids
  • Natural, palatable herbs with antioxidant properties
  • Suitable for those prone to laminitis or gastric ulcers

If your horse or pony suffers from laminitis you may want to read our fact sheet. Click here to find out more. Laminitis Fact Sheet.

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Charlotte says:

This is a great feed! It is suitable for my three horses; one veteran who is very fussy, an ex race horse with a history of gastric ulcers, and a very good do-er who needs a low sugar/starch feed. They all love it! I feed this alongside a balancer all year round, and they all look fantastic.

Louise says:

I feed topline and shine to my yearling and two year old alongside their balancers, and they love it. It provides additional calories and protein without unnecessary sugars and soya.
It looks and smells lovely.

Amy Brewster says:

I have recently switched to Honeychop Topline & Shine for my ulcer prone, poor doer and I am very happy with the product. I have been feeding another well known low starch chaff for years now but was so happy to find this – it’s much better value for money and my horse, who is EXTREMELY fussy, absolutely LOVES it. It smells amazing and is clearly very palatable. His coat is super shiny and he is maintaining his weight well (alongside a balancer). So great to find a product which won’t upset his stomach and won’t break the bank 🙂

Chloe lewendon says:

Since my horse has been on topline and shine she’s put on weight and her coat is shiny it’s perfect for her and plus has no molasses’s in

Gloria Olsam says:

Since switching to this chaff, my horse has completely changed in weight and condition, and it smells great. Also suitable for picky eaters

Vikki felton says:

Having more than one fussy eater I was recommended to try a sample of this and Calm and Shine by the fantastic staff at my local feed supplier The Paddock Pantry .
This is a particular favourite as it gives great condition without excitability, it’s not dry or sticky like other brands Iv’e tried.
Super easy to choose which product is right for your horse or pony from the range.

Transformed by thoroughbred says:

Since changing to this chaff, it has completely changed how my horse is,weight wise and condition, and also smells great. Great for a fussy eater too

Honey Lubbock says:

The only chaff my fussy warmblood will eat without heating up.

Jill Cowell says:

First time I have fed Topline and Shine and within a couple of weeks I have noticed quite a difference with my 6 I have 3 mini Shetlands 2 standard Shetlands and a Cob x thoroughbred. 2 of them have laminitis. The overall condition of all of them has vastly improved. They thoroughly enjoy it as well they never leave any which proves it is quite palatable for all equines.

Leanne quittenden says:

My horse is coming up for 28 years young, been on top line and shine for about 6 months, recent vet visit, the vet commented on how well he looked for his age and looked in his teens, I put this all down to the great feed top line and shine, being a white old man, he has a fab top line and his coat has never looked so shiny, glowing inside and out

Naomi says:

Good protein content, low starch and sugar. Includes oily herbs which support the development of a diverse gut microbiome. Includes linseed is a fab source of protein and omega 3 and 6 in equine appropriate ratios. Alfalfa

One pony went a bit loopy, possibly due to the alfalfa (though it could have been entirely unrelated), but the other was unreactive and she polished off the sack over the course of a month. As she was the older pony with more propensity to drop weight that worked out quite well really.

Natasha says:

I feed this to my my 4 year old thoroughbred mare who came off the track 3 months ago. She thrives on it!
I love that it has little sugars and starches but with the added oil it’s great to help with her weight and condition as she won’t eat feed with oil in.
Being molasses free is a big plus too.
She’s a fussy mare but loves top line and shine

Jess M says:

My boy has been doing amazing on lite & healthy, but after speaking to Honeychop they recommended to try topline & shine to give him something a little extra without heating him up this winter. He looks and feels amazing!

Kerry Manning says:

My ponies range from 8 months to 29 years they all love it .
It’s great that I can use it for all my ponies as two are prone to Laminitis.
Highly Recommended.

Hilary harris says:

Amazing product just started using for my 14 horses mixed breeds highly recommended

Imogen says:

Since changing my tb mare onto the topline & shine she’s changed so much in such a good way. Finding a chaff that will help build body condition without compromising the levels of starch and sugar to avoid and prevent ulcers has been difficult. Topline & shine has helped me so much and my mare looks incredible with her condition building up and a showing off a nice shiny coat. Bonus it smells amazing and could tempt the fussiest of eaters!

Sarah W says:

My 15.1 Anglo Arab who suffers from pssm and always needed a conditioning feed to keep her top line, now enjoys Honeychop Topline and Shine. She’s always been a very fussy eater but really enjoys her feed now. Thank you Honeychop.

Janet says:

My horse absolutely loved this in winter with hot water on with a bit of mash for a filling fibrous meal. It put a fantastic shine on his coat and with him being laminitic he gave him safe controlled weight gain. He looked fabulous all winter

Lucy says:

My TB fussy Mare absolutely loves to this product! After moving yards last autumn she really suffered keeping condition but I tried her on this product and she thrived from it and has come in to spring in perfect condition! Love it!

Georgie B says:

I love this feed so much and so does my 143cm connie who cannot have a molassed or high starch feed. This product has done wonders for him and he feels so much better since being fed Topline & Shine, his coat is also improving with better condition and shine. I wouldn’t use another chaff now since putting him on this.

Jill Cowell says:

I have 2 minis 2 standard Shetlands and a cob X thoroughbred they all love Honeychop, it has helped them as a supplementary feed all winter continuing now into Spring. They have kept wonderful condition throughout. I have one mini with sweet itch and 1 standard with Laminitis which she had when I got her but now there has been no recurrence at all. I highly recommend Honeychop to everyone. The range of products offered should suit everyone’s needs.

Jess says:

Love this as my boy has put loads of weight on with this. His coat is also glistening.

Sarah Roberts says:

AJ my TB loves Top line and shine! He is looking great with a beautiful shine! He is carrying a good weight and building muscle really well.

Charlotte Collins says:

Amazing feed which has kept our senior (very senior at 42) gelding in super health and condition! Highly recommend and I make sure I tell everyone who asks me what we feed

Adele Wharton says:

I recently changed to topline and shine my horse is very fussy but he absolutely loves it and I love how I can feed all my horses it too, highly recommend.

Caroline Forrest says:

I was recommended “Topline and shine” by a friend, I’m so glad I took her advice. I recently acquired is six months old foal…. obviously she is growing fast and I want her to give her the best nutrition that I can, to help her development and give her the best start in life. She is just over one year old now and looks $1 million dollars, her coat is really shiny and she looks really well in herself. I just add a little balancer to her feed , she absolutely LOVES it…..

Lynne Elson says:

Have just changed all my horses on to Top line and Shine and they all love it so suited to old and young alike and laminitis prone as well great product ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Abi Watkins says:

Recently I came across this product and was very intrigued. I got a sample bag to start of with to see if my horse would eat it. (It went down like a treat). From discovering this product I did a lot of research to see how beneficial it would be for my horse. Later on I saw it was good for horses that where fizzy or can be highly strung. This was perfect as I have a very excitable and tense ISH. All of the ingredients are prefect for what I need for my horse. It makes sure your horse has all the protein and fibre in it. Also it keeps your horses condition at its peak levels.

As all of this went down really well so I purchased a whole bag. Never regretted the day I did that. Since feeding my horse this product it has helped her gain weight so she can gain the muscle. Also she has stepped up and started to calm down while in work. While having all her saddles fitted correctly it has shown that then feed has made all the difference. When she does her dressage she now takes the contact and moves a lot better showing more consistent work levels and more energy but not enough that she’s silly. I am happy to say that I have seen physical and mental changes in my horses since feeding her this product. I am looking forward to keeping her on this feed and seeing how well she grows and develops.

Elle Wilby says:

My horse absolutely loved this feed! As he is coming into his older years maintaining him will be much easier to achieve with this great feed!

Wendy Q says:

Always use the honeychop range love them all garlic fab for stopping the fly bites just started using the new top line and shine on my old girl noticed the difference in only a week she loses weight in a blink of an eye so thank you HONEY CHOP for another fantastic product that works and my two love ❤️

Eloise Fisher says:

I’ve started feeding your Honeychop Topline and Shine and my usually very fussy mare devours every single last drop. A fantastic product, great natural wholesome ingredients. My choice for keeping condition this winter – brilliant, thank you Honeychop!