Autum Ambitions

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all well, it really feels like autumn now! The temperature has really dropped, and all...

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Honeychop Original Finished Product
Feed Update

Dear Customer, It has very recently been confirmed that the cane molasses containing Zilpaterol Hydrochloride supplied by ED &...

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We are back!

Happy September Honeychoppers! How are you doing? I hope you are keeping safe and well through what can only...

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Horse Digestive System - Horse Anatomy
The Importance of Feeding Fibre

Why Is Fibre so Important If you Google ‘Why is Fibre Important?’ you get bombarded with frightening facts about your...

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Pretty pony wearing a grazing muzzle to avoid obesity
Older Horses Fact Sheet

In the past horses were considered to be geriatric at 16 years old but now horses, like humans, are...

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Laminitis Fact Sheet

Laminitis is widely recognised as one of the most crippling diseases to horses and ponies; it is an extremely...

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Golden Rules of Equine Nutrition

When thinking about the correct nutrition and management for your horse, there are a few golden rules of equine...

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All About Chaff by Dr Teresa Hollands

Oat straw- why feed it? Dr Teresa Hollands, RNutr from the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Surrey talks to...

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